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Peninsula Challenge Cup 2009

The Foster City Tennis Club hosted the Peninsula Challenge Cup 2009 the weekend of June 19-21, 2009. For prior years, please check the Peninsula Challenge Cup section of our site.

Peninsula Challenge Cup Highlights ...

by Dale Russell, PCC Director

We survived another 3-day PCC! 141 Players, 114 matches, 14 events, 3 sites, and 25 mph winds!! Nice job!

I want to graciously thank and congratulate all the FCTC Volunteers for their long hours and personal effort in making the 2009 Peninsula Challenge Cup a grand success! I have received many compliments that our tournament ran smoothly, and that our volunteer staff was very friendly and helpful. A special thanks to Kacey Karmendy, our 2009 PCC Volunteer Coordinator, who organized and staffed our event!

Our continued success is attributed to your outstanding work as great volunteers! All your many hands of help made the 2009 PCC a pleasure to manage. Thank you!

Our USTA Officials, Wendy Chow, and her staff provided friendly and professional service to our tournament, we are in deep appreciation of their effort and their tennis knowledge! Great job!

Thanks also to Kevin Miller, Manny Hernandez, and Todd Badger, our Foster City, City Officials, who provide the wonderful tournament venues. A special thanks to City staff (Tammy) who provided restroom maintenance during the tournament.

I have probably missed a few folks that helped out too. Please thank them for their help and support.

Thanks again for your contribution to the 2009 PCC!

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Tournament Results

The Peninsula Challenge Cup 2009 tournament was a success! Congratulations to the Peninsula Challenge Cup 2009 Winners!!!

Men's 3.0 Singles
Robert Inocencio (Winner)

Men's 3.5 Singles
Ale Gicqueau (Winner)
Greg Roberts (Finalist)

Men's 4.0 Singles
Denny Chun (Winner)
Gurvinder Singh (Finalist)

Men's 4.5 Singles
Jonathan Radin (Winner)
Cesar Hernandez (Finalist)

Women's 3.0 Singles
Susanne Spiegelberg (Winner)
Diana Jew (Finalist)

Women's 3.5 Singles
Julie Choy (Winner)
Elena Reshtova (Finalist)

Women's 4.0 Singles
Fenny Widjaja (Winner)
Susan Stulz (Finalist)

Women's 3.0 Doubles
P. Suvarnarat / A. Fox (Winners)
F. Wong / G. Machak (Finalists)

Men's 3.5 Doubles
L. Parish / D. Ronce (Winners)
T. Fujikawa / S. Masud (Finalists)

Women's 3.5 Doubles
B. Pickett / S. Leach (Winners)
S. Lower / P. Coulson (Finalists)

Men's 4.0 Doubles
E. Replogle / N. Warrender (Winners)

Men's 4.5 Doubles
M. Lakdawala / J. Santiago (Winners)

Mixed 3.5 Doubles
R. Selby / S. Huffer (Winners)
D. Zopp / B. Zopp (Finalists)

Mixed 4.0 Doubles
J. Cedeno / F. Widjaja (Winners)
C. Nelson / L. Nelson (Finalists)

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