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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the USTA has decided to suspend all USTA-sanctioned events through May 3. They reached this decision in order to ensure the health and safety of all, knowing that at this unprecedented time, they have a responsibility not only to those who play, follow, and love our sport, but also to their respective communities in every corner of the U.S. They understand that—particularly right now—nothing is more important than that.  The FCTC has determined to suspend all of its local activities, both social and on-court in parallel with the USTA decision and at the recommendation of local and state health officials.

The Foster City Tennis Club Board of Directors realize that this is a difficult time for all, but it also must be a time when we raise our respective games in terms of utilizing common sense and adhering to those protocols outlined by our public health officials. This is a fluid, ever-evolving situation that presents new challenges every day, and all of us at FCTC are committed to continually monitoring and staying on top of this ever-evolving situation so that we can make the most informed decisions possible in regard to safeguarding our members, players, volunteers and everyone with a passion for the great sport of tennis.

Certainly, this is a challenge. But it is one that we will meet and get through together. We will get back on court, but first, we will need to be smart; we will need to be safe; and we will need to be strong. Without doubt, we can do all of those things.

The FCTC Board of Directors will continue to monitor and assess USTA and local conditions to make future determinations about all activities. The Board will update all of you as things develop.

Stay safe and healthy,

Thom Maslow, President
and the Foster City Tennis Club Board of Directors

Welcome to the Foster City Tennis Club!

The Board of Directors invite to you to explore our club!  Our
USTA teams from Foster City Tennis Club have a strong competitive showing at all levels and types of teams -- Adult, Senior, Combo, and Mixed.  As a member of the Foster City Tennis Club, you are encouraged to participate in our club activities such as our Club Mixers, InterClub Challengers, USTA and SFPTL Leagues, and our Annual Social Gatherings.  We look to enjoy tennis--the sport of a lifetime!

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Potential Playoff-bound Teams:
 -- Men's 4.0 40 & Over
 -- Women's 3.5A 40 & Over
 -- Women's 3.0 40 & Over
 -- Mixed 8.0 55 & Over
-- Mixed 7.0 55 & Over
 -- Women's 40 & Over Daytime

Ongoing Leagues:

Norcal Mixed 55 & Over
Season:  Jan 6 - Mar 22

Adult 40 & Over
Season:  Jan 6 - Apr 5

Adult 65 & Over
Season:  Mar 2 - May 8

Upcoming Leagues:

Adult 18 & Over
Team Registration:  Feb 3 - Mar 2
Season:  Apr 6 - Jun 28

Adult 55 & Over
Team Registration: Apr 13 - May 18
Season:  Jun 8 - Aug 23

Mixed 18 & Over
Team Registration: Apr 13 - May 18
Season: Jun 29 - Sep 20

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Upcoming events

April 13, 2020 • Team Registration ends May 18
April 13, 2020 • Team Registration ends May 18
July 06, 2020 • Team Registration ends Aug 3


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The FCTC is collecting clean, used tennis balls for recycling to senior centers, rehab centers, and local schools.

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