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Join us for fun recreational and competitive tennis.  With strong league teams, well organized social match tennis, off and on court social events robust development, coaching and instructional programs, FCTC is your home for everything tennis!


 2022 USTA Lague

National Championships

Adults 40 & Over

4th Place

From left to the right: Roshan Vasudev, Eric Contreras, Ken Marques, Sam Pleasure, Paul Dulac (Co-Captain), Rick Kepler, Brian Heimbecker (Captain), Shawn Robinson, Roman Olmos, Jonas Satuito

Ongoing Leagues:

Adult 40 & Over 
Season: Jan 2 - Mar 12

Adult 40 & Over Daytime

Season:  Jan 3 - Mar 10

Mixed 18 & Over
Season: Jan 3 - Mar 10

Upcoming Leagues:

Adult 65 & Over (Daytime)
Team Registration: Dec 5 - Jan 9
Season: Feb 6 - Apr 14

Adult 55 & Over
Team Registration: Jan 23 - Feb 21
Season: Mar 20 - May 28

Interested in Joining a FCTC Team 
contact the FCTC Captain and ask if you
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Events and Leagues

April 24, 2023 • Team Registration ends May 22
July 03, 2023 • Team Registration ends July 31
July 03, 2023 • Team Registration ends July 31
July 03, 2023 • Team Registration ends July 31
July 03, 2023 • Team Registration ends July 31

The FCTC is collecting clean, used tennis balls for recycling to senior centers, rehab centers, and local schools.  Most are used for the bottom of chairs and tables, but many are used with the seniors for exercise and therapy.

To donate, check with your USTA captain, who has a key to the Edgewater shed.  We have a bin inside the shed for collection. Thanks for giving old Penn's and Wilson's a second life

 *****************************************       2023 FCTC Board of Directors

From left to the right: Victor Luscap (Photographer and Membership Director), Derrick Chua (Marketing Director), Rick Albar (President), Brent McDonald (Vice President), Kathi Williams (Treasure), Kacey Karmendy (League & Court Coordinator), David Ping (League & Court Coordinator Interim), Richard Chang (Secretary), Missing are Lisa Chang (Webmaster) & Harish Bharadwaj (Social Media Director)

 From Left to the right: Kacey Karmendy & Kathi       Williams. To view the 2023 Annual Meeting    Pictures, click on the link or copy & Paste it into  your browser: 

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